Expert Profile: Tom Trautman

January 28, 2016 YourEncore Marketing

“I am proud our team led the way in making food safe for allergic consumers,” said YourEncore expert and food toxicologist Tom Trautman.

When the food allergy issue took off in the mid-90s, Trautman, a board-certified toxicologist, had a lot to do. He was part of the award-winning General Mills team that developed the "Contains" statement for top food allergens. That and the simple language requirement for allergens disclosed any hidden items for consumers with food allergies. These features were adopted by other food companies and became part of the 2006 Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act.

After 9/11, Tom was part of a crisis planning team to prevent terrorism in food products. With extensive experience with the safety of food, color additives, pesticides, and other possible risks, Tom and his team worked with the federal government to develop a plan of action. In addition to upping security procedures at plants after the terrorist attacks, the plan anticipated circumstances where food products were most vulnerable.

Over the course of his 30-year career, Tom served as General Mills’ primary source of knowledge in the area of toxicology for product and consumer safety. He has worked with the FDA, USDA and served on various food industry committees, studying food safety, risk assessment and regulation.

Tom is passionate about what he does. “I want the public to know the truth about what is really in food,” said Trautman. “Processed food is not what many make it out to be; it is just like what Grandma used in her kitchen - just on a larger scale.”

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