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[WEBINAR] Unlocking Potential: Leveraging Blockchain in the Medical Devices Industry

October 5, 2017

FREE WEBINAR:  Learn how to unlock the potential of blockchain to improve and automate processes in medical devices & diagnostics

Join YourEncore and our esteemed panel of Experts to learn about real world examples of how the Blockchain can be leveraged in the Medical Devices Industry.  The Blockchain has been described by many as the next industrial revolution, a technological evolution just as disruptive as the internet and perhaps even more so.  Many have heard about bitcoin, the digital currency, but few understand that the Blockchain is the ledger that records those transactions and even fewer understand the potential power of this technology.  YourEncore sees another just as important use of frameworks built on Blockchain that will provide integration between disparate systems, helping to improve and automate processes, enable trusted interactions and provide transparent audit trails between all parties. 

YourEncore Medical Devices Experts have identified the important role Blockchain has to play in the continued transformation of the Medical Devices Industry.  Join them for a webinar designed to help you understand what Blockchain is and how it can be applied to solve those challenges.  This webinar is designed for the Supply Chain, Quality and Regulatory professionals and will provide an overview of what Blockchain is and how this foundational technology can be leveraged to enable the improvement of process and transparency.  We will debunk the myths and share how this concept, which has been utilized for almost a decade, can be utilized to integrate disparate systems and create trusted interactions.  In addition, we will discuss specific use cases developed by YourEncore Experts, discussed in straight forward terms designed for those new to Blockchain.

YourEncore’s distinguished panel includes:

  • Darryl Glover, Blockchain thought leader
  • Vic Chance, Former VP, External Operations and Chief Supply Chain Procurement Officer, Medical Devices & Diagnostics at Johnson & Johnson
  • Donna Godward, MBA Former Board Member and Chief Quality Officer, Medical Devices & Diagnostics at Johnson & Johnson
  • Minnie Baylor-Henry Former Worldwide VP, Regulatory Affairs-Medical Devices at Johnson & Johnson responsible for regulatory affairs, strategy, and promotion for medical devices

Whether you are new to Blockchain or currently exploring how to leverage it within your business, this webinar is for you. Register today.

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