Focusing on Your Passions: Q&A with YourEncore Expert Bryan Schafer

May 31, 2017 YourEncore Marketing

In an effort to expand our thought leadership, highlight Experts, and engage our Expert Community, we collaborated with YourEncore Expert, Bryan Schafer, to help pilot a Q&A series as a part of our broader initiative to serve the Expert community. In this series, we will seek to find out what motivates our Experts and how their relationship with YourEncore has been beneficial to them and their career as they navigate the gig economy.

Bryan Schafer has over 25+ years of experience with Procter & Gamble in Information Technology - specifically in Health Care and R&D.  You can learn more about his background and connect with him here.

What brought you to YourEncore?

I retired from Procter & Gamble after a rewarding career in their Health Care and R&D IT organizations. Even though I retired I still wanted to stay in the game, keep busy, and continue to learn and contribute. YourEncore doesn’t really specialize in IT gigs but has deep roots in R&D. I worked closely with YourEncore account managers and we found a great match in Formulation Systems. Formulation is an area close enough to be familiar but also provided some learning and growth opportunities.

How has YourEncore helped you continue and manage your career?

YourEncore makes it easy for the client and the Expert. Everything from matching the Expert to an opportunity though signing the contract is handled very efficiently. I get to focus on adding value to the client without a lot of distraction.

How have you found the work through YourEncore to be meaningful or impactful to both your life, and to the clients you’ve serviced?

I get to work with great teams of people solving interesting problems. From a career standpoint I’m able to focus on the work with minimal distractions. It’s an opportunity to apply what I know vs. spending a lot of time on organizational matters, meetings, and so on. On the personal front it provides flexibility to spend time with my family, friends and other interests.

You have a unique background that’s different from most of our Experts coming from more scientific/technical backgrounds. How do you think this has positioned you to provide unique perspectives and experience to the problems our clients are facing?

I’m not a classically trained IT person but that’s been my profession for more than thirty years. My educational background is in biomedical engineering and operations management. Over the years I’ve learned to be an IT professional. My educational background and experience allows me to work extremely well with the technical and business people on my projects. This is a huge advantage because I can quickly develop a deep understanding of the domain and get to work solving problems.

What advice would you give to experienced professionals like yourself looking to transition into a flexible consulting career?

Understand what you do best and love to do. Then, work closely with YourEncore account managers to find a great fit. Wonderful things happen when you get to do work you’re good at, really enjoy, and delights the client.

Lastly, how do you think working with YourEncore has helped to add ease to the process of looking for consulting gigs?

In four years I’ve worked three very different gigs. One was a few hours of consulting. Another was a part time project for several months. My current gig started as a three month contract and we’re now looking at going into a fifth year. Persistence, flexibility, and keeping an open mind are the key things when getting started.

YourEncore is a huge help. Make sure the YourEncore staff know your capabilities and interests. It makes finding a great match easier.

I also recommend that people look for opportunities that might turn into a YourEncore gig. Keep in touch with former colleagues and professional contacts. YourEncore can take an opportunity and put a deal together, making it easy for everyone.

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