The Pharm-er's Almanac - 10 Pharma Trends to Navigate Now

July 7, 2015 lindsay.noell

The Pharm-er's Almanac - 10 Pharma Trends to Navigate Now

The “Pharm” Life—life in the pharmaceutical industry—is where change is constant, innovation is breakneck, and the stakes are high. Come with us as we pull back the barn doors and let you peek inside the trends driving the biopharma industry today.

  1. Pharm Subsidies

    As therapeutic costs escalate for rare conditions, payers will make it more difficult to qualify for these treatments. This will reduce the use of some drugs and make the incentive to develop treatments less attractive. The two bright spots on the horizon to keep research flowing: 21st Century Cures initiative and venture philanthropy.
  2. Doing Away with Silos

    Cloud technology can bust data storage silos, making the sharing of data easier and more productive for drug trials and safety monitoring. This data also will help clarify Sentinel survey findings. Also, be on the lookout for predictive toxicology biomarkers to predict how patients will respond to a drug over time.
  3. The Partnership Do-Si-Do

    2014 was a knee-slapping good time for partnerships and acquisitions in the pharmaceutical industry. $268 billion* in pharmaceutical M&As were announced globally. 2015 is off to a strong start as big drug companies look for new sources of growth and ways to diversify their drug portfolios. Expect more.
    *Surprise Rival Bid Emerges for Salix
  4. Preparing for the Storm

    With growing FDA approvals and Sentinel scrutiny of safety data, 2015 is likely to see at least one big safety issue. An area ripe for trouble is the pharmaceutical supply chain, which faces risks from counterfeit drugs, as well as substandard raw materials and drugs penetrating the U.S. border. Pharmaceutical companies should prepare contingency plans to identify and manage the risks.
  5. A Bumper Crop... Or Not

    The FDA’s flood of approvals in 2014 has many pharmaceutical executives hoping for another record harvest. One potential roadblock is the upcoming PDUFA renewal, which historically is associated with a short-term slowdown of approvals.

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Authored by: Tim Franson, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at YourEncore; former VP Global Regulatory Affairs & Patient Safety, Eli Lilly and Company.


Contributing members of YourEncore’s Regulatory Practice:

Peter J. Pitts, President of the Center for Medicine in the Public Interest; former FDA Associate Commissioner.

Joe Lamendola, Ph.D., former U.S. VP Regulatory Sciences for Bristol-Myers Squibb.

Don Therasse, M.D., former VP Global Patient Safety and Bioethics for Eli Lilly and Company.

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