YourEncore Packaging Expert Brad Trucksis

January 25, 2016 YourEncore Marketing


Think Outside The Box! 

“Packaging can be a powerful tool to enhance the consumer experience and raise the perceived value of a product,” said YourEncore expert Brad Trucksis. “Too often companies view packaging as just a container and miss the opportunities to add value to what’s inside.”

As a YourEncore Expert, Brad helps companies breathe new life into existing products while helping them expand products into new category adjacencies. His extensive experience in the marketplace gives YourEncore clients access to state-of-the-art technologies and packaging innovators.

Brad’s unique approach to using packaging as a way to add “experiential” and “efficacy” innovation has helped increase the consumer appeal of many products. He has also shown how packaging can be used to improve product performance (via greater freshness), enhance in-use experience (via better delivery system), and enhanced shelf appeal (via more impactful first moment of truth visuals). Brad has also helped clients understand how to use innovative packaging as a tool to get new products to market more quickly (via short cycle development).

With over three decades of experience in consumer products and packaging, Brad began his career with Vicks and then spent the next 25 years at Procter & Gamble. At P&G, he scouted new packaging that generated over $1 Billion in cumulative sales via innovative skincare delivery systems; and co-developed an online “Product and Packaging Innovation Showcase” representing over 300 new products, packages and delivery systems worldwide.

“Brad is a visionary who elevates competitiveness by identifying and meeting consumer needs through innovative packaging,” said a senior client executive. “As a bonus, his innovative perspective helps produce an economical product that generates unforeseen revenue.”

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