Rejuvenation Through Alumni Talent Communities

April 25, 2017 Mike Lewis



In recent posts, I’ve talked about the potential that alumni talent communities represent for companies facing the chasm of wisdom and experience left behind in the wake of Baby Boomers reaching retirement age, M&A activity, and massive transformation initiatives. To be truly effective for the client, these talent communities must first be truly engaging and valuable to its members…in our case, YourEncore Experts. My personal mission is to cultivate the most vibrant talent community available for accomplished Life Science and Consumer Goods professionals to join: one that sparks and facilitates collaboration, active participation, knowledge sharing, and on-going learning while offering personal and professional enrichment. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make this happen.

As I’m sure most of you know, I’m a movie buff, and movies are often a source of inspiration for me. Recently, while thinking about how to make YourEncore the go-to talent community for those who want to actively participate in the gig economy, I happened upon the movie Get Out.  In a twisty, unusual blend of thought-provoking horror and comedy, the film deals with man’s quest for immortality.  Spoiler alert: aging adults are rejuvenated and achieve immortality when their minds are transferred into younger, healthier bodies through a combination of hypnosis and surgery.  If you’ve seen the film, you might think it an odd source of inspiration for my goal of creating a vibrant talent community. However, although presented in the context of unsettling and uncomfortable racial and social issues, what struck me as relevant to our work with Experts in the gig economy was the notion of rejuvenation.

What motivates you? While Baby Boomers are stepping away from the grind of traditional full-time, career-focused employment, they expect to live longer and do more in this phase of their life than prior generations. For many, that means continuing to work on their own terms on work that is meaningful to them. It’s energizing, rewarding, and keeps them mentally sharp…in other words, it’s rejuvenating.

What is your motivation? Is it having the flexibility to balance work and the other interests in your life? Is it doing the work you love, without the burden of administrative responsibilities typically associated with “corporate life”? The ability to meet your personal financial objectives post career employment? The opportunity to give back? Staying personally and professionally connected with your peers? Keeping up on trends, technology, and tools in your field? A combination of some, or all, of the above? At the end of the day, every reason is important to the individual and to their journey and, when truly understood and supported, provides the basis for community.

Creating a true talent community. The thing I hear most from our Experts is that they lack the sense of connection they had when they went to the office every day.  It wasn’t always perfect, but outside of family, it was the place where most of their human relationships were made.  The new world of gigs, freelancing, and independent contracting can get lonely and overwhelming. It is tiring and can drain you of your passion. Having a place to meet with those sharing similar experiences can be rejuvenating.

There are a lot of definitions of “talent community” floating around, most of which have to do with on-line networks and algorithmic models that “match” prospective employees (or freelancers) with clients. But the talent community I envision is one in which our professionals collaborate and share ideas, information, and other resources on topics of mutual interest and concern to create value for each other beyond the employment opportunity. This value can come in the form of training, collaboration, mentoring, insights, social events, and more, all in support of what motivates, rejuvenates, and supports the individual and collective journeys of the members. It’s more than just being a conduit to your next gig.  If we don’t create this true sense of community, we are nothing more than an algorithm. And that does not enhance your journey.

What’s your story? As we move forward in our journey together, our commitment is to provide you with tools and opportunities to help you rejuvenate.  It is critical to your success, which means it is critical to ours. 

Understanding your story will help us deliver on that commitment and strengthen our community. We want to hear about how you keep yourself current, how the gig economy is impacting you, what you enjoy about it, what you don’t like about it, and how you stay energized and rejuvenated. What could you share with others to help rejuvenate them? What’s working well within the YourEncore Expert community, and what could work better?

Now that I’m 55, I find that writing rejuvenates me. Whether it’s writing down the three things I am grateful for at the end of each day in my personal journal or writing these blogs, it gives me direction and provides clarity of thought that helps me better articulate my ideas.  If writing rejuvenates you, as well, we’d love to have you contribute to our blog series. I’m confident your contribution will bring value to others in the community. Contact me and share your story. I look forward to hearing from you.

I believe that the role of YourEncore is equal parts Expert engagement and rejuvenation, connecting the right Experts with the right gigs, and satisfying our Clients. Connecting clients and Experts requires more than an automated algorithm. It requires human connection, and that’s what differentiates YourEncore. I am very sincere in my desire to create a community that engages and energizes both our Experts and our Clients. One that rejuvenates passion, thoughts, energy, and connection. One where we deliver projects together, develop new solutions together, share ideas, help one another, and simply connect and become friends. And that’s what community is all about. Read more about The Power of Community here.


 About Mike Lewis: Mike is Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for YourEncore. He is passionate about connecting Life Science and Consumer Goods Clients with YourEncore Experts, bringing them the rich experience and technical know-how they need to address their business challenges via flexible resourcing and consulting engagements. He is an innovative sales and marketing leader who has successfully introduced new selling and marketing models that have transformed companies in the process. He is a thought leader in social selling and account based marketing and has leveraged both to grow company revenues and reputation.


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