[WEBINAR] New Models for Breakthrough Innovation

February 9, 2017

FREE WEBINAR:  Learn about new models for breakthrough innovation

Today, the biggest innovation threat to leading companies and brands is not from traditional large company peers and rivals. It’s from nimble, creative individuals and smaller companies who embrace experimentation and look outside their four walls for ideas and for resources they are lacking. These companies are reinventing innovation from the outside in, and reaping great rewards. 

Join us for a free webinar as Dr. Shekhar Mitra shares a new model for innovation success that brings together the best of two worlds … companies with top notch experts in-house, core competencies and resources at their fingertips, and structured, disciplined processes in place and  smaller, agile companies and individuals that innovate quickly and creatively. You’ll learn how businesses of all sizes are reinventing their innovation approach and the keys to taking this new normal from theory to practice. You’ll leave with practical, real-world advice based on Dr. Mitra’s personal experience at Procter & Gamble and several F100, private equity, and new venture companies.


About Shekhar Mitra, Ph.D.:  Dr. Mitra is a Consulting Partner for YourEncore and top expert on the creation of innovation strategies, ideas, open innovation connections, and organizational culture. He spent 28 years in progressively responsible R&D roles at Procter & Gamble, retiring as SVP of Global Innovation in 2012. Today, Dr. Mitra specializes in helping companies develop their innovation capabilities and portfolios through proven methodologies. He also serves on several Boards and Advisory Committees for companies and private equity firms.

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