Uncle Jack & the Rise of the Free Agent Workforce

March 2, 2016 Mike Lewis



The Case for YourEncore: The Story of Uncle Jack

Welcome to this new space for Expert Community Insights.  I have to tell you this is an exciting moment for me, because I am so passionate about what we do at YourEncore.  One of the things that stokes my passion is my Uncle Jack.  He has been married to my mother’s sister for over 65 years.  It is safe to say he is my favorite Uncle and in fact, he is one of my favorite people in the world.  He is my hero.

Jack was born into a Navy family, and he grew up with a deep passion to serve.  In fact, his drive was so great that at the age of 17 he asked and received his father’s permission to join the Navy – as you most likely know you must be 18 to join on your own volition.  If you haven’t done the math already, this 17 year old kid, who weighed all of 119 pounds at the time, had just received permission to go fight in the Pacific during WWII. 

My Uncle served on a Landing Ship and worked in the boiler room.  He served not only to V-J Day but well after.  He never went to college but developed a love for engineering while in the Navy.  After the Navy he started in maintenance at Corning Glass Works and worked his way up through the organization.  His skill and knowledge of the huge kilns Corning used to manufacture their products was so renowned that he was sent all over the world to help build Corning’s new factories.  He and my Aunt helped build factories in Germany, Poland, and China.  He developed not only a tremendous knowledge of how to build these factories, but also a deep understanding of how to work with and motivate workers from different cultures.

The Move Into Retirement

Then, with little warning, Corning forced him into early retirement because they believed they could use younger, cheaper resources.  My Uncle wasn’t ready to retire both mentally and financially.  So this man, who served his country at the age of 17, and who had developed such an incredible wealth of knowledge of how to build manufacturing plants globally, was no longer viewed as viable.  There was no YourEncore at that time.

At 89 my Uncle is just as sharp as ever and still giving me career advice and insights on how to build business in China.  He is so excited about what we do at YourEncore, and I have assured him that I will do everything I can to not let his story be repeated.

For those of you who don’t know me, I joined YourEncore in June of 2015 as the Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (CSMO).  One of the key aspects of my role is to look after the quality of engagement of you, our valued Experts.  This is an amazing time for us at YourEncore.  With the Rise of the Free Agent Workforce, the world’s most accomplished professionals are leaving traditional work settings for more balanced, freelance careers.

The Ever Changing Workforce


Companies are changing how they get work done, and now people over 50 are among the fastest group of entrepreneurs.  YourEncore is excited to be playing an important role in these mega trends and harnessing experience to achieve remarkable results – for clients, for experts, and for society.   

That’s what inspires YourEncore, and that’s what inspires me.  I look forward to working together.

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