3 Tips for Getting Started in Writing

December 11, 2015 Laurence Laning, Ph.D.



If you are interested in exploring a second career in writing, it can be difficult to know where to start or what to expect. Writing a new book is like developing and launching a new product. You have to identify an unmet need, secure a publisher (your manufacturing and distribution partners), and execute with excellence. For those interested in starting a book writing career, Dr. Laning offers three tips for getting started in writing:

  1. Don’t Do It for the Money: If you’re like most authors, revenue from book sales alone will barely meet minimum wage. Writing, however, can be effective marketing collateral for your consulting career. For example, thanks to writing this book, a leading financial services firm serving the nonprofit industry has asked Dr. Laning to participate in its seminar series and present to all its clients.
  2. Consider a Co-Author: For your first book, a key challenge will be finding and securing a publisher. Publishers, like all organizations, must be selective where they invest their time and money. To get your foot in the door, you may have better success partnering with an established author with relationships in the publishing community.
  3. Develop a Writing Schedule: Everyone’s creative process is different, but Dr. Laning recommends writing five hours a day and three days a week to maintain momentum. Anything less and you will waste valuable time refreshing where you left off and getting back into the groove.

Writing can be your next big project or just something to start for fun. Either way, writing can promote innovation and a better mindset in your everyday work, leading to a bigger impact on the work you do. Interested in writing an article for Insights? Get in touch. Subscribe to YourEncore Insights to receive our blogs straight to your inbox.

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