New Year's Resolutions: 3 Steps to Build Your Brand

December 30, 2015 Jim Combs



As the New Year approaches, we’ve compiled a short list of things experts can do to increase their visibility, personal brand, and therefore project opportunities in 2016. Unlike the usual ‘eating better’ and ‘exercising more,’ these resolutions are easy to stick to.

1) Update your Resume: Your resume is a critical tool YourEncore uses to match you to project opportunities. The more current you keep your resume, the more opportunities you will see. As 2016 approaches, take time to reflect on the projects you've completed, new skills you’ve learned, or organizations you’ve led and update your resume.  You can view and update your profile through our expert portal here.

2) Share Your Stories: Have you written a book, won an industry award, achieved tremendous project results, or are presenting at an industry event? If so, we want to hear about it! These stories not only help us market you better to our clients, but they also give our experts opportunities to learn from one another. If you have a great story to share, please email and we can help spread the word!

3) Think Bigger: As a YourEncore expert, you are no longer an “army of one.” You have the entire YourEncore staff and expert network as resources to make you more valuable to clients. Have you ever had to turn down work because you are too busy? Have you ever needed additional skill sets on your team to better serve your client? If yes, then this is a great opportunity to lean on the broader YourEncore network to provide more value to you and the client.

For example, YourEncore had a team of experts helping a large Pharma client deliver a company-wide transformation. Once the team developed the communication strategy and core messaging, they realized they could drive adoption by bringing the story to life and contacted YourEncore to supplement the core team's effort. YourEncore added a leading corporate communications expert (formerly from P&G) and graphic designer to create a rich narrative and infographic to educate the organization about the change. The client embraced the piece and is now using it as a central communication mechanism to align the organization around the change, driving innovation, collaboration and immediate impact.

If you know of a project that YourEncore could help with, please use this Contact Form to let us know how we can help.

There you have it. If you can stick to these three simple resolutions, you will increase your visibility, personal brand, and ultimately your project opportunities. Learn more here about improving your personal brand.


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