Tapping Alumni for Interim Leadership

October 19, 2017 YourEncore Marketing

Regulatory affairs is a critical and essential function within every life sciences company. It takes time and a disciplined career to keep regulatory affairs positions full and the transitions seamless. Professionals who take on this position usually come from legal, medical, government, or university roles.

Recently, YourEncore received notice of a company in a crisis when their director of regulatory affairs unexpectedly left, leaving them with critical initiatives that could not wait for the long process of searching for a new director. The need for regulatory affairs professionals has exceeded the supply and the searching process has become increasingly harder. By working with YourEncore, we could provide this company with an expert who acted as their regulatory affairs director for 3 months. This expert had responsibilities such as leading the regulatory affairs department, helping to recruit a new permanent director, and on-boarding the employee once they were hired.

Working with organizations like YourEncore is a viable and smart way for companies to close talent gaps. It gives advantages in seasonal surges, facilitating divestitures, acquisitions, event-specific initiatives, and mentoring young high-potential professionals. By working with YourEncore, our experts have been able to leave the administrative processes to us and are ensured they are in compliance with federal laws so they can focus on the company they are working with.

Approaches to take when considering an alumni return program:

  • Maintain a positive and proactive relationship with alumni after retirement
  • Communicate about the program and ask for their interests and preferences during the retirement process
  • Create an online platform to maintain communication and opportunity engagement
  • Put emphasis on culture, values, and finding the right fit for each assignment
  • Focus on deliverables and work within the parameters and limitations of the assignment
  • Partner with talent acquisition experts and organizations that specialize in creating and deploying talent communities to ensure the right fit
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