Quality Management Systems: A Business Imperative

June 28, 2019

Quality management used to be about completing checkbox audits, meeting compliance requirements, and reacting to problems. Today, pharmaceutical companies of all sizes are seeking to transform the way they manage quality to be more strategic and more proactive. The reason is simple: with a more proactive approach to quality management, companies can more effectively mitigate risk, accelerate innovation, and achieve better business results.

Yet, with an increasing emphasis on making investments in technologies and partnerships to build more effective quality management systems, frequently overlooked are the “low-tech” prerequisites that organizations must develop to ensure success.

Download this White Paper to gain powerful insights on:

  • The next-generation quality skills pharmaceutical companies should be looking for to recruit and develop within their professional teams
  • The Quality Continuum Model – a flexible framework to support a cycle of continuous improvement throughout the drug development process
  • Critical questions essential to assessing if your organization is structured to succeed
  • And more!

About the Author: 

Arti Bajpai

Managing Expert, YourEncore Quality Center of Excellence


Arti Bajpai is a visionary Quality and Compliance expert driving continuous process improvements. She consistently works to gain trust, achieve results and build efficiencies. 

As a seasoned expert in Compliance and Quality, Arti’s experience provides the foundation from which she leads innovative change and establishes proactive compliance and quality management within organizations.

Arti is the former Senior Director of R&D Compliance and Process at Shire, and is now a Managing Expert in YourEncore’s Quality Center of Excellence, helping clients manage, strategize and innovate their Quality processes.

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